February 26-27, 2018


Hotel & Congress Center Antunovic Zagreb

Audience size

Max. 50 People

Seminar Leader

Oliver F. Lehmann, PMP

Situational Project Management / 2 days of practical and interactive learning sessions

Seminar Focus:

∙ Presents Situational Project Management (SitPM), which enables project managers to determine the most appropriate methodologies and leadership styles for their projects

∙ Shows how to analyze a project based on its physical characteristics, team behavior, enterprise environment, and market environment

∙ Provides an approach for adapting leadership styles to more effectively motivate team members

∙ Gives tools & techniques to engage stakeholders in the way that ensures they will benefit from project deliverables


Most project managers would agree that every project is unique. However, not all project managers would agree that the best way to manage a unique project is unique. Many still cling to the old practice of having a methodology that is applied to all projects. "One size fits all" is still in common use, and this approach has proven to lead to project failure.

Flexibility, situational intelligence, and creativity are essential to deliver a project success

The need to recognize and master ever-changing requirements and environmental conditions is a tough challenge for professional project managers. The same practices that led to success yesterday may cause failure today. One of the difficulties for a project manager is understanding the requirements and challenges of a given project or project situation, then selecting and adjusting approaches, methods, tools and techniques so that they are favorable for that situation, and not try to apply inappropriate practices that would then be detrimental. Selecting favorable responses to a given situation is often the most critical factor of the dynamics of success and failure. This seminar is designed to help project professionals assess a situation, predict the appropriate approach, methodology and achieving styles, and then apply them in a situational fashion.

One size does not fit all in project management

To guide project managers in selecting the appropriate responses, Situational Project Management (SitPM) shows how to assess a given project, determine its unique characteristics, and select the appropriate methods to complete the project. During the seminar, participants will use SitPM to develop profiles of their projects, on the basis of the projects’ physical characteristics, the project teams’ behavioral characteristics, the enterprise environment, and the market environments receiving project deliverables. These profiles help project managers to determine the appropriate project life cycle approach and leadership style. Participants will also explore various ways to engage stakeholders on the basis of a project’s SitPM profile.

Not a common PMBOK-based training

The seminar uses a recently developed typology of projects to help project managers select the most favorable practices for the specific projects and for the specific situations. Participants will be introduced to the typology and to the practices that match them the best. Participants are taken through a series of known project management concepts and traditional practices towards the core of where situational approaches must be applied. This helps understand the dynamics of success and failure in a disruptive world, apply Situational Project Management and respond with more precision to various challenging project situations.

The seminar contains, explains and exemplifies interesting theoretical models that can be applied for some specific project management situations to keep a project under control.

Who Should Attend this Seminar

Ideally, you will not attend this seminar alone, as the situations are best exercised with colleagues from your own organization. If you are a PMO Lead or Project Director, we suggest you bring your team with you. If you are a Project Manager, we advise you to involve your boss and colleagues and attend together.

The seminar will be of particular benefit to the following roles:

∙ Project Managers
∙ Program Managers
∙ PMO Directors
∙ Business Analysts


Welcome ∙ by your ∙ Seminar Leader

Dear SiT-PM seminar delegate,

As your seminar leader, I would like to welcome you to this unique project-management seminar.

The tools, techniques, tips and document-templates that I am about to share with you over our two days together, are very different to standard PMBOK-based project-management training. I offer to show you a way to dramatically improve your project success-rate, by clearly understanding how to deal with various project situations and different project stakeholders.

I am looking forward to meeting you in person on February 26, 2018 in Zagreb!

Warm regards,
Oliver F. Lehmann, PMP, MSc
PMI Southern Germany Chapter

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Delegates registration

Event registration will be situated at the Registration Table on the convention floor of the hotel, please follow the signs from the lobby to the convention floor.

SESSION 1: The Open-Skill Nature of Project Management
Welcome & Orientation, Speaker Introduction
· Closed-skill tasks vs. open-skill tasks
· The stage: Strong and weak matrix organizations
· The dilemmas: Game theory for project managers

SESSION 2: A Typology of Projects (SitPM, part 1)
· A research project
· Mark-1 vs. Mark-n projects
· "Greenfield projects" vs. "Brownfield projects"
· Siloed projects and Solid projects

>>> Coffee & Networking Break at 09:30 <<<


A great opportunity to engage in a casual chat with Oliver F. Lehmann and your fellow delegates. Lunch will be served at the main hotel restaurant, providing a variety of specialties ranging from traditional Croatian food to best international cuisine.

SESSION 3: A Typology of Projects (SitPM, part 2)
· Blurred projects and Focused projects
· High Impact projects and Low impact projects
· Customer projects and Internal projects
· Stand-alone projects and Satellite projects

SESSION 4: A Typology of Projects (SitPM, part 3)
· Predictable projects and Exploratory projects
· Composed projects and Decomposed projects
· Engineers’ Projects and Gardeners’ Projects
· Discretionary Projects and Mandatory Projects

>>> Coffee & Networking Break at 14:30 <<<


Delegates registration

Event registration will be situated at the Registration Table on the convention floor of the hotel, please follow the signs from the lobby to the convention floor.

SESSION 5: A Typology of Projects (SitPM, part 4)
· Single Handover Projects and Multiple Handover Projects
· No Deadline Projects, Single Deadline Projects and Multiple Deadline Projects
· One-Shot Projects vs. Multi-Shot Projects
· Wrapping up and further developing the typology

SESSION 6: Practices for SitPM (part 1)
· Lifecycle approaches
* Agile approaches
* Waterfall approachesS
*Rolling wave approaches

>>> Coffee & Networking Break at 09:30 <<<


A great opportunity to engage in a casual chat with Oliver F. Lehmann and your fellow delegates. Lunch will be served at the main hotel restaurant, providing a variety of specialties ranging from traditional Slovenian food to best international cuisine.

SESSION 7: Practices for SitPM (part 2)
· Lipman-Blumen achieving styles
* Intrinsic style
* Competitive style
* Power style
* Personal style
* Social style
* Entrusting style
*Collaborative style
* Contributory style

SESSION 8: Practices for SitPM (part 3)
· Applying lifecycle approaches and achieving styles in projects of different types
· Project analysis tools for selection of type, approach and style
· Learning needs for Situational Project Management


· Delivery of Certificates of Attendance

>>> Coffee & Networking Break at 14:30 <<<

The end of the SITUATIONAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT seminar & delivery of Certificates of Attendance

Situational Project Management Seminar Leader / meet the great

Oliver F. Lehmann, MSc., PMP

Founder and Managing Director · Oliver F. Lehmann PM Training
Visiting Lecturer · CeDoSIA Graduate School Munich University
President · PMI Southern Germany Chapter

Oliver F. Lehmann is a speaker, trainer, coach and book author, known globally as one of the most respected and most influential experts in the field of Project Management. With a career spanning over 35 years, Oliver made contributions to PMBOK and held various senior roles with the Project Management Institute (PMI). Since 2013, Oliver has been serving as the President of the PMI Southern Germany Chapter.

Oliver is a writer of blogs, articles and books on project management, mostly with a focus on the organizational and interpersonal aspects of the discipline. He is also interested in Bid/proposal management and Connective leadership, fields for which he has obtained certifications by the leading organizations. His book Situational Project Management: The Dynamics of Success and Failure is an international best seller. The seminar is based on the book.

Oliver F. Lehmann holds a Master of Science in Project Management from the University of Liverpool and is certified as Project Management Professional (PMP) by the internationally esteemed Project Management Institute (PMI). He is a Visiting lecturer at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and is frequently booked for seminars by companies including Airbus, DB Schenker, Microsoft, T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom and many others. Oliver lives in Munich, Bavaria, and has 4 children and 2 grandchildren.

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Yes, the seminar is globally accredited and provides 16 PDU points. The PMI Talent Triangle PDU distribution is:

Technical Project Management: 5

Strategic & Business Management: 6

Leadership: 5

This seminar is interactive and highly pragmatic workshop, designed as combination of

Short theoretical presentations grouped in 8 sub-sessions over the course of 2 days

Practical, hands-on exercises and discussions with the audience, after each sub-session

All registration fees are gross and no additional taxes or hidden charges shall be applied. The registration fee covers the following items:

Participation in all sessions

Pre-course survey to help the Speaker customize the content of the event

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Lunch and coffee-breaks during both days

Certificate of Attendance, awarding 16 PDUs to PMI credential holders

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